When You Get Stronger the Weight Gets Easier


I was in a Bikram yoga class the other day.  I kept falling out of a pose and got really frustrated.  I spoke with the instructor after the class and asked her, “What’s wrong?”  She said, “Your form is good, you are just not strong enough.”   At first I was pissed. First, coming from a woman? LOL. Second, I consider myself strong.  However, the more I thought about it I realized she was right.  I wasn’t strong enough.  Driving home I thought about how that applies in all areas of our lives.  We have to build strength, both physical and psychological.  This world will kick your ass.  Everyday you have to ask yourself how are you building your strength.  Are you around the right people? Eating the right foods?  Thinking the right thoughts?  Putting the time in the gym or studio?  If not, stop fucking whining and get out there.  Your failure just may be as simple as you are not strong enough.

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