This Time is Different

By: Jeff Wolfsberg

How many times have you said, “This time is different!” or heard someone you cared about tell you, “This time is different!”  There are no four words more destructive.  For many of us we are intrigued by the different, whether it’s a new program, recipe, behavior, and in destructive cases, a new person.  We incorrectly assume that differences are more valuable and important than similarities.  We are all so busy trying to find differences that we forget to pay attention to what is the same.

As a Recovery Coach and Nutritionist, I live in the vortex of behavior changes and promises.  For years, I was seduced into hiring and giving second chances based on those four magical words, “This time is different.”  It’s easy to see the similarities, but differences, well, we want to see those!   Because we care for people or love them, we want to believe them when they say this time is different.  We love the glow of optimism that accompanies that statement.

One way I help clients root out true change to come is simply write down “What is different about this time?” “What do you think could be similar and how should we address those situations?”  This time is different, and maybe it is!  Let’s hope.  But with a little follow up work and some coaching, you can turn that wishful statement into a reality.