Reality Check

When life is going well, when business is going well, we don’t asked the same questions we do when life has hit a shit show. Men start asking themselves the “real” questions for one of two reasons.  Only until severe trauma or drama strikes that a man will confront his bullshit.  They lose their job, their business goes bust, wife has cheated on them or walked out.  The second is the man who has got everything he thinks he wanted like money, power, status, fame, and things still fucking suck.  Only at one of these two potential endings do men have the opportunity to get real and stop lying.  I once had a therapist tell me that I was anti-social because I did not enjoy going to parties or other social events.  Only after hitting my own personal meltdown with the ending of my marriage, loss of my business that yielded me a substantial income, destroyed reputation and status, so-called friends ghosting, that I could stop bullshitting myself.  The end result was me sitting in a locked psychiatric ward on suicide watch detoxing from heroin.  I’m not anti-social.  I love people. However, I have no tolerance anymore for people who are full of shit and liars.  The more I got real with myself, the more repulsive hanging around with liars and people full of shit was. The good news about getting real with yourself is no one can hurt you anymore.  “You’re a drug addict!” Yup, I am.  “You cheated on your wife!”  Yes, I did. Total shit move.  What else do you got?  You stole from people and lied to people to take drugs!”  Yup, I did. Is that it are you done?  Fuck you. I’ve made peace with that shit.  If you are ready to deal with your shit, then let’s go.  Otherwise, get the fuck lost, I’m moving forward.  If you want to hang on to my past, then that’s your problem, not mine.  Do you want that freedom?  Recovery coaching and nutritional consulting can help.

And remember the shit never stops coming.  Recently I had someone come into my life in the last two years, and in the end, just another liar.  Your guard has to always be up.  It never ends.

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