Don’t Be Stupid

Simon Ramo is a scientist and statistician.  Years ago he wrote a book few people read called Extraordinary Tennis Ordinary Players.  In his book, Ramo identifies the crucial difference between the Winner’s Game and Loser’s Game.  He believed the tennis could be subdivided into two games: the professionals and the rest of us.   Players in both games play by the same rules, same court, everything is the same. One distinguishing mindset difference is sometimes amateurs believe they are professionals, but professionals never believe they are amateurs.  The differences between professionals and amateurs is fundamental.  I’m going to make the same comparison to those who achieve sobriety and those that do not.  Those who achieve their weight loss or fitness goals, and those that do not.  It’s fundamental and here’s the secret.

Professionals win points whereas amateurs lose points.  Two professionals will battle it out, rallying back and forth, until one hits a great shot just out of reach of his opponent to win the point.  This is the case 80% of time for winning points of professionals.  Amateurs play a completely different game.  There are no great winning shots, long rallies, or aces.  More often than not, 80% of the time, the ball is hit out of bounds or into the net.  The amateur seldom beats his opponent, but often beats himself.  If you want to win, the best strategy is to do your best to keep the ball in play and let your opponent do something stupid.

Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance.   Early recovery from alcohol and other drugs or starting a new eating strategy is stressful. You are an amateur.  People try to overthink it and be brilliant.  The real strategy should be to avoid making mistakes. Avoid stupidity.

Part of the Nutritional Consulting and Recovery Coaching I offer is to help you identify stupid things and make better decisions.  For the sake of this blog, I’ll offer a few for both sobriety and eating well.

Nutrition. – Stupid Stuff

  1. Buying shitty food and leave it around the house
  2. Inverse: Not filling your refrigerator with the right foods and snacks.
  3. Not packing your lunch, thus causing a stressful, low blood sugar, spontaneous decision at lunch (No food prep)
  4. Not realizing how hard it is to go out with friends and eat what you should be.

Sobriety – Stupid Stuff

  1. Not going to meetings
  2. Fail to write down things you’re grateful for in your journal.
  3. Joining friends after work at the old watering hole just to chat. ‘

Instead of asking yourself what you need to do to create a good life, you can start thinking about what actions you are doing daily that ensures misery.  Stop those things.